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Dialectical World View

Updated: May 15, 2021

D of DBT explained

Dialectics teach us the fundamental nature of reality.

  1. Everything is interrelated. There is no part without a bigger whole. The whole does not exist parts either.

  2. Reality is made up of internal opposing forces. If one thing exists, the opposite also exists.

  3. Within dysfunction, there is a function.

  4. There is wisdom in contradictions.

  5. Truth is neither absolute nor relative. Rather, it evolves develops and is constructed over time.

DBT assumes that psychological suffering as a failure to accept and deal with the dialectic nature of reality. By considering ourselves as a part of dialectical reality, we see that what we do, think and feel here and now is shaped by the reality, and is shaping the same reality at the same time.

The goals of the therapy, therefore, could be to understand the interrelatedness of you and the reality (including people around you); to tolerate the opposites and contradictions in search of synthesis; to avoid polarized and rigid way of thinking and behaving that ignore the evolution of reality; to embrace speed, flow and movement of changing reality; and to be aware of all the above and to choose to act effectively.

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