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Is your life taken over by your extreme emotions
and inpulsive behaviors? 
Do you feel that you don't fit in? ​
Are you in a high conflict relationship? 
I can work with you. 

Core Mindfuness, Emotion Regulation,  Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness for Life Worth Living

DBT Works

If you are experiencing high conflict relationship, self-harm, intrusive suicidal thoughts, disocciation, risky behaviors, etc., you may want to try DBT.


DBT is one of the most researched psychotherapies that is proven to be effective for  borderline personality disorder, eaching disorder, bipolar disorder, and more.  

DBT in earnest

DBT Tokyo opened its door in February 2020 to provide DBT in ernest in Tokyo.


DBT Tokyo wants to make DBT  accessible, affordable and relevant to multicultural individuals in Japan.


DBT Tokyo wants to creat a community of DBT therapists in Japan  

Unique Therapist

After she got MSc degrees from the USA, Mie completed a 16-month training on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). It taught her the transactions between individuals and their environments that affect mental health. It also taught her the power of mindfulness and behavior science put together to support individuals. Mie lived in Asia, Central America and West Africa before returning to Japan in 2015.

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