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      Welcom to DBT Tokyo.

An English-speaking, well-trained DBT therapist will work with you to address the issues that are bothering you and getting in your way to live a life you want.

Session can be in person in Ichigaya, Tokyo, or online. 

Thearpy is for 50 minutes. 


All therapy sessions (individual, couple, family) are 11,000 yen (including tax). 

What can hinder a life worth living

​Emotional Outburst

You feel you are always over taken by your emotions and so you hate them? Understanding your emotions from all angles is the first step to regulate your emotions in your favor.  

Impulsive Behaviors 

You feel an urge to change or do something NOW and act on them. If you often regret acting on your urges, let us learn to tolerate the urges and uncomfortable, undesirable emotions. 


If self-harming of any sort is giving you a relief, I understand that you are trying to solve a problem. Let us understand what you are trying to solve and find another way to do so. 

Addictive Behaviors 

Binge drinking, binge eating, non-stop SNSing and online gaming, gambling, exccess shopping, collecting, even avoidance could be addictive behaviors. DBT combines abstinence approach and harm reductio napproach to address addictive behaviors. 

Fear of Abandonment 

You feel that you are not worth being with for your partner, family and friends?  You try to avoid them at all cost or you abandon them before you do?  Let us learn not to let your fear dictate your relationship with important people in your life. 

Not fitting in

You feel that everyone else's life is somehow different from yours and that their rules and way of life are not relevant to you?  You resign that no one can understand you?  Let us restore the sense of connection between you and everything else in this life so that you can allow yourself to be here in this life. 

Hate the new environment

New environtment can challenge your values, social skills and confidence.  It might force you to adapt too much too quickly.  Let us understand the dyanmics between you and your new environment and be in charge of your adaptation process. 


The pandemic changed our way of life in unprecedented speed and scale. Many of us lost our friends and families. Most difficult of all is that we had to go through all of it pretty much by ourselves.  Let us take care of ourselves in this difficult time. 


Can you not do anything that you used to be able to? Nothing makes sense any more and you can't find reasons to make any efforts?  I'm glad that you reached this page.  Please do one more thing.  Tell me about yourself. 

High Conflict Relationship

You feel that your problems cannot even be heard unless you get into fight. The fight takes its own life and you get to exactly the opposite of where you wanted to go with your romantic partner.  Not every fight have to end with a fall out.  Let's learn how to nuture relationship even with difficulty. 

Lack or too much of self respect

You feel that you give in too much?  Or you feel that your urge to be right and control the situation act out in your relationship.  Neither extreme is a good premise for building long lasting relationships.  

Worried about your loved one 

If you feel helpless not being able to help your family or friends, we can talk through how we might be able to help them while taking care of yourself.  

If you don't find the particular issues that you want to deal with, still please contact me. 

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